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Neumann Scholarship Test

Testing Date, Time, Location, Registration

When and where will the Neumann Scholarship test take place?

The Neumann scholarship test has been postponed and will not take place on Sunday, September 27, 2020. In order to accommodate increased health and safety protocols currently in place at Archdiocesan schools the date and location of the Neumann Scholar test have been adjusted.  Students will now be taking the Neumann Scholar test at their elementary school and the test will take place on a to be determined date in October.


Please expect communications with more information directly from your elementary school principal regarding the new test date and location.


Is there a fee to take the Neumann Scholarship test?

No, there are no fees associated with taking the Neumann Scholarship test.


Must my student pre-register for the test?

Yes, all students who have met the requirements to sit for the exam must pre-register by completing the Neumann Scholars Program Official Student Registration Form and completing the required essay. All documents are to be turned in to the student’s elementary school principal no later than June 24, 2019. Please contact your elementary school for forms and other important deadlines.


I do not remember/do not know if my student has pre-registered. How can I find out?

Parents are encouraged to contact their elementary school principals and/or the Office of Catholic Education at 215-587-5664 to verify test registration.


Is the essay required to sit for the exam in September 2020?

Due to current circumstances with COVID-19 the essay requirement is at the discretion of school principals. Please confirm with your student's school principal if they are maintianing this requirement. 


What is the topic for the essay required for Neumann Scholarship test registration?

Describe how the student and his/her family participate in the school community.


My student qualifies for in-school accommodations. How can I verify they will receive these accommodations during the Neumann Scholar test?

Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the Office of Catholic Education two months prior to the exam date to discuss accommodations.


Please note, all requests for accommodations must be verified in order for them to be provided to students during the Neumann Scholarship test. 

Testing Day Information

What should my student bring for the test?

Students should bring two No. 2 pencils.


Are cell phones, calculators, or other electronic devices permitted during the test?

Calculators are not permitted for use during the exam. If a student brings their cell phone or other electronic device to the exam room the room proctor will request students store phones in a designated area of the room.


Should my student wear their school uniform to the test?

Students are encouraged to dress comfortably and are reminded to follow appropriate dress code similar to dress down days in the schools.


Are snacks or drinks allowed in the testing rooms?

Students who wish to bring a snack on test day may do so. Please note, room proctors may request students store their snacks in a designated area of the room. 

After Test Day

Will my student’s test scores be provided to us after the test?

The Connelly Foundation does not provide Neumann Scholarship test scores to those who sit for the exam.


How many Neumann Scholarships will be awarded?

Approximately 35 scholarships will be awarded. Distribution of the scholarships will be determined by the number of students who sit for the test in each county.


How will I know if my student has been awarded a Neumann Scholarship?

Notification of awards takes place in the individual elementary schools where each awarded student attends. Notifications will take place between November and December.


Due to the large number of students who sit for the exam, the Connelly Foundation does not notify students if they are not awarded a scholarship.


If my student is awarded a Neumann Scholarship what happens next?

After all notifications have been completed scholarship recipients will receive a packet of information from the Office of Catholic Education outlining next steps.


All students and their families are required to complete a Letter of Intent indicating acceptance of the scholarship and their intent to attend a specified Archdiocesan high school in the following school year. Scholarship recipients must pay any and all required fees in full on or before the date to be determined by their selected high school.


At which high schools can a Neumann Scholarship be used?

Students awarded a Neumann Scholarship may only apply their scholarship to an Archdiocesan high school. A Neumann Scholarship is transferable only between these high schools. Below is the complete list of Archdiocesan high schools where a Neumann Scholarship is applicable:


Archbishop John Carroll High School                        Lansdale Catholic High School

Archbishop Ryan High School                                     Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls

Archbishop Wood High School                                    Msgr. Bonner/Abp. Prendergast High School

Bishop McDevitt High School                                      Pope John Paul II High School

Bishop Shanahan High School                                     Roman Catholic High School for Boys

Cardinal O’Hara High School                                       Ss. John Neumann/Maria Goretti Cath. H.S.

Conwell-Egan Catholic High School                           St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls

Father Judge High School for Boys                             West Catholic Preparatory High School

John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School


Neumann Scholarships cannot be taken to any private Catholic school.


What is the value of the Neumann Scholarship?

The value of the scholarship for incoming 2020-2021 Neumann Scholars is equal to full Basic Tuition at each high school. Please note, these values vary slightly by school but the average for 2020-21 is $8,195.00.


If my student is awarded a scholarship but declines to accept, will the scholarship be passed on to another eligible student?

Typically, declined scholarships are not passed on to the next eligible student. As a result, it is encouraged that only students who will accept a Neumann Scholarship sit for the exam.