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Honors Scholars

Selection Criteria

To qualify for the Josephine C. Connelly Honors Scholars Program, Josephine C. Connelly Achievement Awardees, at the end of their sophomore year, must have:

  • A general average of 92 or above
  • A cumulative or current rank in the top 15 students in their class
  • A final conduct average of 85 or better with minimal absence and lateness


If, at the end of sophomore year, a Josephine C. Connelly Achievement Award recipient meets the selection criteria, an additional dollar amount is applied to the junior year tuition. The award will increase to 50% of tuition.


Honors Scholars Grant Requirements and Annual Review

The 50% tuition grant will be extended for senior year provided Honors Scholars maintain:

  • A general average of 92 or better OR a current or cumulative class rank within the top fifteen (15%) percent of their class
  • A final conduct average of 85 or better
  • Minimal absence and lateness


Supportive Services

All Honors Scholars will continue to receive scholarship counseling. Beginning in junior year, students will meet with the JCC Honors Scholars Counselor periodically and communicate via e-mail regarding academic performance, course selection, summer programs, and college research, selection and application process.



Summer Scholarship Opportunities

In the fall of each year, junior JCC Honors Scholars and their families are invited to an information session at a local Archdiocesan high school to learn about college summer enrichment programs and available scholarship opportunities such as:

  • University of Notre Dame’s Summer Scholars Program
  • University of Notre Dame's Introduction of Engineering Program
  • University of Notre Dame’s Saints and Scholars Program
  • The Boston College Experience
  • Freedoms Foundation’s Service Learning in Public Policy
  • Scholarship opportunities to attend a program of your choice


The University of Notre Dame runs several two-week programs including the Summer Scholars Program, Introduction to Engineering Program and the Saints and Scholars Program for high school students during the summer months. The University, with the support of the Connelly Foundation and funding partners, offers a limited number of full scholarships to JCC Honors Scholars accepted into these programs. Depending on the number of qualified applicants, scholarships may not be available for all students who are admitted to the programs.


The Boston College Experience is a six-week residential college program designed to immerse students in BC’s richly diverse community during the summer. Students earn college credits in introductory-level courses on the subjects of their choice, and participate in activities in and around Boston. A partnership between Boston College and the Connelly Foundation allows us to offer a limited number of $5,000 scholarships toward the cost of the program.


JCC Honors Scholars who have completed their sophomore year may apply for the SLiPP program, hosted by the Freedoms Foundation in Valley Forge. SLiPP, which stands for Service Learning in Public Policy, is a six-day residential leadership program that teaches high school students from around the United States what public policy is and how it is applied in a variety of fields. The program culminates in a showcase with groups of participants presenting a suggested change to current public policy to a panel of experts. Classes and dormitories are on the beautiful campus of the Freedoms Foundation, right next to Valley Forge National Park, and several service learning trips are included to a variety of locations to see how public policy affects different sectors of everyday life.


The Connelly Foundation is also pleased to help support juniors attending academic summer programs at other colleges and universities through scholarships worth up to $1,000.  Neumann Scholars and JCC Honors Scholars have elected to attend programs at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Thomas Jefferson, Georgetown, Brown, Fairfield, Temple, Lebanon Valley, Drexel, University of the Arts and a wide variety of others.