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Application Process and Forms

The Foundation is currently accepting applications from organizations working in Culture, Civic, and Education areas. 


Returning Grantees

Returning grantees who have previously received funding from the Connelly Foundation, please review our Grants Focus Overview and What We Support guidelines. Proposal submission instructions are included below as well as links to submit a new request.   


New Organizations

Organizations which have not previously received funding from the Connelly Foundation:


The Foundation is currently accepting applications from new organizations working in Culture, Civic, and Education areas.


Organizations in the Human Services field, please review our updated Human Services focus and funding guidelines. If your organization meets these criteria, click here to schedule an initial discussion regarding submitting an application: 

Proposal Process
  • There are no submission deadlines, however, the Foundation’s guidelines state that only one grant can be awarded within a year’s period of time; 
  • Returning grantees must submit a report for thier most recent grant before reapplying. The report should be submitted at least one week before submitting a new proposal;
  • Applicants receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the proposal within two weeks;
  • Foundation staff may contact applicants to request a conference call or a site visit;
  • Applicants generally receive a response within three months;
  • If a grant is awarded, the approval letter states the due date for any reporting requirements.
Criteria used to evaluate proposals:
  • The degree to which the proposal directly addresses and furthers the Connelly Foundation’s objectives and goals;
  • The significance of the problem or need addressed by the proposed program;
  • The overall quality of the proposal and whether the organization has made a convincing case that funding the organization will facilitate more effective and efficient service delivery to constituents;
  • The history and stability of the organization with regard to board, management, and financial support;
  • The organization’s track record, prior accomplishments, and unique role in providing service to its specific constituencies;
  • The reasonableness of the prepared budget.
Proposal Submission and Elements

Grantseekers should submit proposals using the Connelly Foundation's online application system.


To begin a new online application, please click here. If you have already started an online grant request, please click here to finish the application. To download a helpful guide to assist with applying online, click here.


The Connelly Foundation requires all proposal submissions include the following information:


  • Grant Proposal Narrative;
  • Organizational Budget for current Fiscal Year;
  • Current Profit & Loss Statement;
  • Project/Program Budget including Income and Expenses. Amounts and sources of revenue should be identified and list which sources are committed or pending;
  • Two most recent Audited Financial Statements. If financial statements are not audited, an appropriate substitute with an explanation will be considered;
  • The most recent IRS Form 990 with all the required schedules and attachments.
  • Current list of Board members and their affiliations;
  • One paragraph description per key staff and their relevant qualifications;
  • Latest annual report or summary of organization's activities in the past year;
  • IRS Determination Letter.


  • For capital projects (construction, renovation, equipment)
    • For new construction or renovation to existing space – expenses should include a complete breakdown of all costs including final bids and financing arrangements (if applicable), visual renderings;
    • For acquisition of equipment – a copy of the most appropriate of three bids, costs of installation, and financing arrangements (if applicable).
Application Forms
Connelly Foundation Online Application - New Request (online submission)
Connelly Foundation Online Application - Already In Progress (online submission)