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Frequently Asked Questions

Office Closure Announcement

The Connelly Foundation office is closed and Foundation Staff are working remotely. The Foundation continues to accept grant proposals under its existing application guidelines, which can be found here. Online applications remain the preferred method of submission. The review of material submitted via U.S. mail is significantly delayed so we encourage the online submission of applications and reports. We are available by phone at 610-834-3222 and by email at

Q. Does the Connelly Foundation ever fund outside its geographic area?

 A.  The Connelly Foundation's philanthropic interest is to work in partnership with nonprofit organizations serving people in the City of Philadelphia, the surrounding counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery, and the City of Camden, New Jersey. In 2020, 98% of our funding was concentrated within this geographic area.  Rarely, grants are made outside the Philadelphia region primarily to organizations that had a direct relationship with the founders, John and Josephine Connelly. 

Q. May I send a letter of inquiry with a brief project description for consideration or discuss my proposal with someone prior to submission?
 A.  No, the Foundation believes that all parties benefit from a process that begins with the written proposal as the starting point of the discussion, and therefore earlier communication is discouraged.   
Q. What grant amount (or grant range) do you suggest we request?

 A. The Foundation relies on the organization submitting the grant request to calculate the resources needed and the amount to be requested from the Foundation.  It may be helpful to review the Grants Database to get an idea of the grant amounts that the Foundation has previously awarded. 

Q. Can we ask for a multi-year grant?
 A.  Yes. 
Q. Can we use the Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia Common Grant Application Form when we submit a proposal?

 A. The Connelly Foundation requires prospective grantees that choose not to apply online  to use the Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia Common Grant Application Form. We also request that the Philanthropy Network Common Report Form (pages 13 and 14 of the document) be used for reporting after the grant has ended if they are not using our online system.

Q. Can we submit our grant application via email or some other electronic format?

A. The Connelly Foundation does not accept applications via email but does accept grant proposals and reports online and by mail (hard copy). Click here to submit an online application. Grantees receive invitations via email to submit upcoming reports through the online portal. 

Q. With whom should I speak to determine the status of my proposal?

 A.  The assigned Program Officer will be pleased to discuss the status with you.  Please contact the Foundation offices to identify the Program Officer who is reviewing your proposal. 

Q. If my organization receives a grant, how long do we need to wait until we reapply?

 A.  An organization must wait a full year from the award date of the grant check or the final pledge payment and must also have submitted the Common Report Form for review.  

Q. If our proposal is declined, how long do we need to wait to reapply?
 A.  There is no set amount of time. 
Q. My daughter/son needs funds for a high school scholarship.  Does your foundation give grants for this?  How can I find out about foundations or other sources that do offer support for education grants?

A.  The Connelly Foundation is precluded from giving grants directly to individuals.  A good source to check for appropriate information is the Regional Foundation Center at the Free Library of Philadelphia.  For information on the Connelly Foundation’s programs, please see the Signature Programs section of our website, specifically the Josephine C. Connelly Achievement Awards Program and the Neumann Scholars Program.  These grants and scholarships are offered to eligible students who plan to attend Archdiocesan high schools.