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Math Matters

In September 2010, the Connelly Foundation launched Math Matters, a pilot program initiated by the Foundation in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. 


Realizing that financial constraints prevent many parish elementary schools from providing an advanced-level math course, the Connelly Foundation developed an alternative method called Math Matters that brings high quality math instruction in grades 5 through 8 to select schools.  By installing state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment in Philadelphia schools, the Connelly Foundation created a virtual environment that brings enriched math instruction to more students throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at a relatively low cost. 


Currently, three outstanding teachers are engaged in teaching students in their respective cohorts consisting of 13 schools total.  Elements of Algebra are incorporated into the curriculum beginning in 5th grade, so that by the end of 8th grade, the basics of Algebra I are mastered by all students.  It is a goal of the program that this deeper understanding will result in students achieving higher levels of success in high school and beyond. 


Today, over 200 students throughout the city of Philadelphia participate in Math Matters classes daily.  Participating schools include:

  • First Cohort launched in 2010:   
    • Resurrection Regional
    • St. Peter the Apostle
    • St. Martha
  • Second Cohort launched in 2012: 
    • Maternity B.V.M.
    • St. Anselm
    • St. Francis de Sales
  • Third Cohort launched in 2015:
    • St. Francis Xavier
    • St. Laurentius
    • St. Monica
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Math Matters Summer Workshop