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Summer Tech Academy

The Summer Tech Academy is an advanced faculty enrichment course offered to enhance the ability of Catholic elementary and secondary school teachers to effectively instruct 21st Century students. Teachers, grouped by grade levels, circulate through three different topics. With the support of instructors and peers, time is devoted each day to translating new knowledge into grade specific lessons. Opportunities for networking and attendee presentations are also included.


Takeaways for attendees of the Tech Academy include:

  • 21st Century skill development
  • 15 Act 48 Credit Hours
  • Peer networking with continued collaboration year-round via a Google Group
  • A technology device such as a Chromebook for their school


Since 2009, over 1,800 teachers representing 100 schools throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia have taken advantage of this opportunity. About 600 of these teachers have returned in following years to further build upon the skills learned.


Tech Academy attendees in recent years shared the following comments:

"The Summer Tech Academy was one of the best workshops I have attended over the past 13 years because just about everything we did I can take directly back to the classroom. We were learning and doing all at the same time. And I couldn't wait to get home and do more!" - Honors Math teacher


"Awesome to be able to share, learn and collaborate with other like-minded teachers. Great instructors, knowledgeable and eager to assist, support and strengthen classroom teachers." - 3rd grade teacher


“I can’t stress enough the importance of networking with my fellow Catholic educators.  I wish I could bottle the positive energy emanating from that conference room.” – 6th -8th grade teacher

2019 Summer Tech Academy

The Connelly Foundation's  2019 Summer Tech Academy to be held June 17 – 19, 2019 at Pope John Paul II High School!


The registration process for the 2019 Summer Tech Academy has come to a close.  We are looking forward to seeing all registered teachers on June 17th! 



In partnership with the Office of Catholic Education, the Connelly Foundation is pleased to announce the return of the

PACT Summer Tech Academy

June 17-19, 2019

8:00am – 2:30pm

Pope John Paul II High School

181 Rittenhouse Road

Royersford, PA 19468

The PACT Summer Tech Academy is an advanced professional development course offered to enhance the ability of elementary teachers to effectively instruct 21st Century students.  Teachers, grouped by tech experience and comfort level, circulate through different scheduled topics each morning.  Afternoons offer attendees the ability to choose particular sessions to attend based on personal interests.  Each day also includes hands-on time to implement skills learned as well as networking. 


All Kindergarten through 8th grade teachers at parish/regional/IMS/private elementary schools within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia are invited to register. All previous attendees are welcome to register regardless of number of academies already attended, but please review the session topics to ensure the offerings are a still good match for your current interests. 


Sessions for our Tech Integrator and Tech Innovator Groups include:

Tech Integrators

  • Building Your Teacher Toolkit: Sometimes the only devices teachers have available are their classroom computers, but that doesn't mean you can't infuse your lessons with awesome technology! This session will focus on technology tools that require only a teacher computer or minimal devices to boost student engagement and teacher confidence. Tools presented will include Flippity, Plickers, Quizlet, Screencastify, and more to boost your teacher toolkit. Teachers will learn how these tools can be integrated into their lessons, shared with students, and how they can take it a step further with student devices when available.  No matter whether your classroom has just your teacher Chromebook or 1:1 devices, teachers will walk away with new tools and resources to use.
  • Digital Tools for Sparking Creativity and Amplifying Student Voice: This session explores the importance of fostering student creativity and how digital media tools can amplify student voices.  We will demonstrate a few simple storytelling tools that can be very powerful in sparking student creativity to make learning more meaningful and engaging.  Tools explored include, but are not limited to, Adobe Spark, Seesaw and Flipgrid.
  • The Digital Classroom Shift: In this session, teachers will learn about implementing collaborative cloud-based tools into their classroom to support their digital transition. This hands-on session will utilize programs including, but not limited to, cloud-based Docs, Slides, and G Suite for Education apps.


Tech Innovators

  • Advanced Technology Integration: Attendees will take a deep dive into digital tools to enhance their students’ learning experience. Explore the differences between “Using Technology” and “Integrating Technology” while using Extensions, Apps, and Add-ons.
  • STREAM--You have heard this acronym as a buzzword in Education for a few years now, but how do you incorporate it into everyday teaching? It refers to the term which groups Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math curricula together while encouraging students to investigate, plan, create, problem solve and improve designs.  Learn how to find, create, and implement STREAM projects that allow students to explore real world problems while developing skills that will help them outside the walls of the classroom.
  • Teacher Toolkit 2.0:  Have you ever wanted to learn how to develop and use QR codes to create gallery walks or scavenger hunts? Are your students using Quizlet to help build vocabulary, but you’re not sure how you can implement it into your lessons? Are you flipping your classroom and would like a way to monitor your students’ progress?  Then, Edpuzzle may be the tool for you! In this session learn this and other tools to build your teacher toolkit with some innovative, collaborative, and unique ways to spice up your daily lessons or a project!


Afternoon topics from which attendees will be able to choose will include options such as the following:

  • STEM Playground
  • Breakout Edu
  • Google Classroom
  • Hyperdocs
  • Google Drawings
  • Google Forms
  • Screencasting
  • Global Collaborations
  • Greenscreening
  • Google Sites
  • Stop Motion Slides
  • Technology in the Primary Classroom
  • Technology in the Math Classroom
  • Plus more!

Takeaways for attendees include:

  • 21st Century skill development
  • 15 Act 48 credit hours (for those who qualify)
  • Peer networking with continued collaboration year-round via a Google Group
  • Chromebook for attendees for their school


How to Register:

To register, complete the online registration form available beginning March 18, 2019 located at the following link:

  • Tech Academy 2016